Philipp Johann Thimm *live
"Philipp Johann Thimm, born May 6th 1987, studied cello at the Leopold Mozart Conservatory for Music in Augsburg from 2005. Already during his studies, he went on European tour with the American singer Jonah Matranga as a live cellist, and had the opportunity to perform together with Jon Lord, the late keyboardist of Deep Purple, as well as the American band The Album Leaf. In 2009 he became the instrumental partner of singer David Lemaitre. Together, they went on European tour with Get Well Soon as the support band. The band ABBY, which he co-founded in 2009 under the alias Tilly, took him to Berlin in 2010, and since then – with two albums released by Island Records under his belt – on numerous concert tours around the world. In 2011, Patrick Christensen brought him on board as a multi-instrumentalist for the band Warren Suicide. Here he got to know Sascha Ring, and went on to become his instrumental and production partner in his project Apparat. Their last album LP 5 was nominated 2020 for a Grammy award for Best Electronic Album. Thimm has worked as an arranger/instrumentalist together with Ellen Allien, Moderat, Casper, Haftbefehl, Kraftklub, Jan Blomqvist, Alle Farben, Mark Forster, Tim Bendzko, Nico Suave, Wallis Bird, Cassandra Steen, Thees Uhlmann, Leslie Clio, Ray Wilson, Ganes, Chefket, David Lemaitre, Graham Candy, and many more. In September 2023 he will release his first album under his own name. "